Networking Course in Bangalore

Networking Course in Bangalore

Our Institute offers best networking Course Training by highly qualified Trainers. For working professionals weekend options are available for Networking Trainings and advanced workshops. We provide Practical approach of learning Hardware and Networking System with live projects as a part of our Training Course

Syllabus of Hardware & Networking Course

Computer Hardware

1.Basic Computer Hardware

  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Storage Devices

2. Computer Hardware Assembling and Disassembling.

3. Operating System Installation.

4. Driver Software Installation.

5. Application Software Installation


1. Computer Network Architecture.

2.  Network Devices

  •   HUB.
  •   Switches.
  •   Bridges.
  •   Routers.
  •   Brouters.

3. Network Transmission Media

  • Wired Transmission Media.
  • Wireless Transmissiom Media.

4.  Network Topologies

  • Point to Point.
  • Bus
  • Star
  • Ring
  • Mesh
  • Hybrid
  • Daisy chain.


5. Network Protocols

  • TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).
  • UDP (User Datagram Protocol).
  • FTP (File Transfor Protocol).
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) etc.,

6. Types of Computer Network

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  •  WAN (Wide Area Network)
  •  SAN (Storage Area Network)
  •  PAN (Private Area Network) etc.,


7. OSI refferance model.

8. IP addressing (IPV4).

9. Configurations of Switches and Routers.

10. Analysing Network and Testing methods.

11.  Understanding Network Design.

Eligibility for Networking Course  Training in Bangalore

Anyone who have interest in this field have Eligible to join Networking Training Course.

Course duration for Networking Course in Bangalore

45 days

Placement Assistance After Networking Course Training


Networking Course Certification:

All the participants who fulfilled course assignments, case studies and final exams would be awarded with Certification in Networking Course


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