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Best PCB Design Training Institute Bangalore

Our Best PCB Design institute in Bangalore offers Job oriented PCB Design Training Bangalore by professional trainers. We are using EDA tools such as OrCAD , Allegro and Eagle for designing the Printed Circuit Board. Our Training Institute not only offers theoretical knowledge of designing the PCB Design course but also practical based knowledge.

PCB Design Training

 The PCB Design institute hold the ICs and other components and implement the interconnections between them. PCBs are created in abundance for portable electronics, computers, and entertainment equipment. PCB Design Training Bangalore  is artwork.

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PCB Design Training Bangalore Course Syllabus

Module 1: PCB Design course Training-Introduction

  • Introduction to various technologies in Electronics
  • Introduction to Printed Circuit boards(PCB)
  • Types of Designing in PCB in our PCB Design institute
  • Concept of EDA

Embedded system Training Institute in Indiranagar Bangalore|  Training Courses PCB_Design-e1485329605611 PCB Design Training Institute in Bangalore

Module 2: PCB Design course Training -specifications

  • Design and Architecture of PCB
  • Floor planning, Logic synthesis
  • EDA databases, Simulation and Logic simulation
  • Power analysis and optimization
  • Place and route in PCB
  • Design for Maneuverability
  • Design closure
  • PCB Design rule checking
  • Layout versus schematic
  • PCB Layout extraction
  • Automatic test pattern generation in PCB

Module 3: Analog and Digital Electronics in our PCB Design institute

  • Different types of Power supplies
  • Basic Features Required in Power Supply
  • Selection of different components of Power supply according to load
  • Analog circuits and their Importance in PCB Design
  • Practical applications of different analog devices (BJT, FET, MOSFET, OPAMPS etc.)
  • Selection and implementation Of Components according to circuit application
  • Designing of transistor based (bipolar, FET, MOSFET) circuits
  • Introduction to OPAMP and its practical implementation in our PCB Design institute

Module 4: Industrial Packages in our PCB Design institute

  • Importance of packages in PCB designing
  • Package Details of different components
  • Datasheet details in PCB
  • Designing of Various Footprints according to Packages

Module 5: Schematics in PCB in our PCB Design institute

  • Design Environment
  • Basic PCB schematic rules
  • Design flow & Schematics of PCB Design
  • Component information Server
  • Managing parts and libraries Editing tool Handling in PCB design
  • Adding text and graphics
  • Making new parts
  • Print & plotting
  • Compatibility check
  • Editing of Net list
  • DRC & Processing of design in our PCB Design institute

Embedded system Training Institute in Indiranagar Bangalore|  Training Courses pcb_layout_Training1-e1484198936921 PCB Design Training Institute in Bangalore

Module 6: Layout in PCB

  • Concept of ECO & Making design files
  • Managing footprints & libraries in PCB Design
  • Making new footprints
  • Tool handling for PCB design
  • Preliminary setting for making PCB design
  • Types of routing
  • MULTI layer routing
  • Auto placement in PCB
  • Auto routing
  • Copper pouring
  • Smart routing
  • Drill management in PCB Design
  • DRC & Back annotation
  •  Gerber File Generation in PCB Design

Module 7: PCB design Simulation in our PCB Design institute

  • Concept and Reliability of Simulation
  • Tools & PCB Design editing
  • Waveform analysis in PCB design
  • Simulation models
  • Check points on board

Module 8: Project for PCB Design Training

  • Complete life cycle in our PCB Design institute
  • Providing Manual Kit for PCB Design Training Bangalore.

Lab Work in Our PCB Design Training Bangalore Institute.

  • Schematic capture
  • From schematic to PCB Design Training Bangalore
  • Parts placement and routing
  • Making footprints in Allegro PCB Design
  • Component Placement in PCB
  • Constraint settings
  • Routing Techniques
  • Gerber File Generation in PCB Design
  • Post Process


 Our PCB Design Training Course in LAB


  • Schematic capture or schematic entry in PCB Design Training Bangalore is done through an CADENCE EDA tool
  • PCB Board dimension and template are decided based on required circuitry and case of the PCB. Determine the fixed components and heat sinks if required.
  • Deciding stack layers of the PCB , Multi layers depending on design complexity, Ground plane and Power plane are decided, Signal planes where signals are routed are in top layer as well as internal layers
  • Line impedance determination using dielectric layer thickness, routing copper thickness and trace-width. Trace separation also taken into account in case of differential signals.
  • Placement of the components on PCB. Thermal considerations and geometry are taken into account.
  • Routing the signal trace. For optimal EMI performance high frequency signals are routed in internal layers between power or ground planes as power plane behaves as ground for AC.
  • Gerber File generation and NC parameter for manufacturing.

PCB Design Course duration -45 days


PCB Design Course - advanced  also available


PCB Design Course - Overview Cadence,Orcad,allegro,Altium,Pad ,Proteus,Eagle,etc



Eligibility for PCB Design Training Bangalore

Anyone who have interest in this field have Eligible to join PCB Design Training Course.


PCB DESIGN course duration  :45 days

Fast Track PCB DESIGN course :30 days

Crash PCB DESIGN course :10 days

Benefits of PCB Design Training Bangalore

  • Schematic entry of PCB Design
  • Footprint creation in PCB Design
  • Proper component placement in PCB design
  • Ease to create NC/ Gerber data
  • Understanding of IPC/ MIL Standards
  • By PCB Design training student can get knowledge of basic Electronics.
  • Real Time Project will be provided in PCB Design Training.

Placement Assistance in PCB Design Training Bangalore


 PCB design Training Certification:

All the participants who fulfilled course assignments, case studies and final exams would be awarded with Certification in PCB Design Training Bangalore .


I am a person who loves to play with gadgets, wanted to do PCB Design Training & Embedded Systems Training, Trainer there helped me to get new job. Now I am working.      -Velu

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Track Course Duration Hours Training Mode
Regular Track 40 - 50 Days 2 hours a day Live Classroom
Weekend Track 7 Weekends 3 hours a day Live Classroom
Fast Track 9 Days 6+ hours a days Live Classroom